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{{ So guys, remember I said from the last journal I made a text segment of Eddy answering all your questions. 
There was something I left out, but never said it cause I felt like it was unnecessary since I figured everything was gone.
I copy paste the whole segment and send it to myself of YouTube.
But, strangely at the time I did this, I never gotten the message so it was no where to be found.
So than later when I was trying to save it which it wouldn't let me, it made my computer crash and shut down erasing all the work.
...but guess what.
Yesterday, YouTube had an update with the YouTube inbox, and my message I sent at August of Eddy's Segment was finally sent back to me.
I can happily say, I can finally give my answers to you guys.
The only thing I need to redo, is the drawing of Vanessa and Eddy since the computer shutted off when I was doing that also.
Which I don't mind cause the didn't like the drawing that much, I'm gonna try my hardest to make it look better. which probably be more harder since I haven't drew the Eds that much in a while..

So with that all said, I plan to hopefully post the first part today. Just at this second I can't.
I need to finish my painting for my art class tomorrow, if that gets done, I can maybe draw the pic and post the answered questions.
Also don't expect part 2 anytime soon, I have a lot of college work to do this week.
I'll continue the questions when my semester ends. Which will be near December 18th.

Thank you guys for supporting AskEddy, questions are forever closed and done with.
~Vanessa "Vaneddy" }}


" Sup fellas! The names Eddy!
Sit down pigeons and start asking questions for old Uncle Eddy.
Only 25¢! First questioner gets a discount. "

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So if you could meet two famous actors: Al Pacino or Robert De Niro, who would it be and why?
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